Fitness Options

Angie offers 3 options to help the team get into the best shape of their lives: Team Angie Fitness Boot Camp, personal training at the gym, in your home or on location and Zumba classes, also on location if preferred.

Angie’s Team Angie Boot Camp is comprised motivation and positive encouragement, intervals of muscle confusion moves, cardio, circuit strength training, plyo moves, kick boxing, jump roping, fun obstacle courses, nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance and of course an awesome stretch routine completed before and after the workout.

Angie’s team is diverse with both genders, all ages at all levels of fitness. “Take it at your own pace……just keep moving! If it doesn’t challenge you, it can’t change you!” are her favorite lines to her team. The benefits Team Angie members receive go far beyond the program. It positively changes the lives of the members…… proven results of increased energy and a significant loss of inches in a short period to time. A maintenance program is also offered for members that reach their fitness goals.
Angie’s Boot Camp and Personal Training is tailored to provide maximum results for virtually every audience.
Come on….Join the Team! You know you want to!
Make Your Decision…Commit to your Decision and watch yourself succeed!