Team Angie Fitness Project


Nonprofit aimed to help underserved communities change both mind and body.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICH – Team Angie Fitness (TAF) is not the average personal training team or fitness club.  Led by Angie Johnson, a true ground-breaker in fitness, classes are fueled by Angie’s Revolutionize Your Mind (RYM) philosophy that stresses completely changing the mind’s approach to diet and training.

Now Angie and her team are taking that passion for helping their clients reach their fitness goals and are embarking on a mission to help train those who typically can’t afford the services.

The Team Angie Fitness Project has a goal of teaching the RYM philosophy to underserved communities throughout the metro Detroit region to to ensure no one is left out of living the healthiest lifestyle they can. Along with fitness classes, the nonprofit will teach people how to cook healthy meals, engage in physical fitness as a family and attend seminars on healthy living – all at no cost to them.

“Every day, those people who may not be in the best health are told by their doctors to lose weight and eat healthy. And most hospitals offer a dietician, but a lot of them do not offer fitness classes, and cooking classes and a nutritionist to teach families, men, women and children how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Angie said.  “This is why I felt so passionate about starting The Team Angie Project. If we can take a “hands on” approach to helping one person, one family at a time to understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. It will improve quality of life for everyone and for many years to come”

Angie says she knows the mission will work and she will be able to help men, women and children of all ages change their mindset and eating habits and succeed at reaching their healthy lifestyle goals. She knows because she teaches by example. She said it wasn’t until after high school and being thought of as a little “chubby” and also realizing that her diet was not healthy at all that she immersed herself in becoming physically fit through totally changing her mindset and eating habits.

The project will kick off August 2018 .


About Angie Johnson

A regular contributor on Fox 2 Detroit’s “Get Fit” segments, Angelia “Angie” Johnson, a CPT fitness expert and entrepreneur, brings a decade of expertise as a lifestyle coach and certified fitness and Zumba instructor. She believes that if one overcomes the mental aspect of getting in shape, the successful end result is that much closer. Her Farmington Hills-based business also has a corporate health and wellness component, called Corporate Life Balancer (CLB). Deloitte, AT&T and Jervis Webb, a Daifuku company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, are past and current clients.  Follow her at @teamangiefitnes or on her website,